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(ESHP) the first home design firm to incorporate significant and measureable energy-saving technology into everyone of our remarkable Hi-Performance home plans. Amenity rich and right-sized luxury ESHP homes are designed to look great in any neighborhood.
ESHP super-efficient plans built to our specifications consume 50% less energy than a typical new home, which can reduce the monthly cost of home ownership by up to hundreds of dollars. See why Energy Smart Home Plans are built with materials readily available at most builder supply stores, with skills sub contractors already possess. Read More



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ESHP specifies Andersen’s new high-performance 100 Series Windows and Patio Doors in all of our plans.

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Matera Plan #303 — Mar, 2013

Matera Plan #303 (modified)

A happy homeowner recently wrote ESHP owner Dave Jenkins, to let him know the good news about his brand new Energy Smart Home. (modified Matera model Plan #303). First, he said that everyone believes his home is much larger than it’s 1,778 square feet, due to it’s open floor plan and efficient use of space.

"We've been keeping the thermostat at 75 (which is actually a bit lower than I would prefer, but at least it gives us a scientifically conservative estimate of the awesomeness of this place), and we haven't even broken the $60/month mark for electricity bills. I'm thinking our annual total will be right around the $600 range."

“My wife and I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU for helping us take our next step toward sustainability without sacrificing luxury.”

Oct. 15, 2013 Update

"I'm writing to let you know that, with the help of our utility provider's rebate program, my wife and I are putting some photovoltaics on our house. We should be at or beyond energy neutral by mid January. Smile, man -- you're making a living and a difference. Thanks a bunch."
-- Steve P.
Melbourne Beach, FL

March 28, 2014 Update

"... installed a 3.8kW photovoltaic system this past November, we have so far accumulated about 500kWh in our "reserve" meaning if we hit a point in the summer where we're using more energy than we produce, we dip into that reserve. We got huge rebates on the PV so it should pay for itself in 5-7 years and then we'll have about 20 years of return on investment in the form of free energy. Building an Energy Smart Home reduced the required amount of photovoltaics by about 50% (relative to a standard home). That translates to about $15,000 saved." -- Steve P.

Homeowner Steve P., was very involved in the construction of the Hi-Performance home, committed to building it to ESHP specs, including getting the ducts in conditioned space.

It was the builder’s first Hi-Performance home and judging by the remarkable HERS Index of 47 (the lowest HERS score the rater’s ever tested without PV) he succeeded marvelously! Dave also credits Steve’s desire and dedication to constructing a super energy-efficient yet beautiful, first home.

Assisting in the incredibly low HERS score is a solar thermal hot water heater, Energy Star appliances and ceiling fans, as well as the CFL lighting throughout. This super Hi-Performance home was finished with granite counter tops, upgraded cabinets and cost just $106 per square foot, total turnkey price.

We are looking forward to receiving actual energy-use data and will be updating this post with those monthly electric bills that we anticipate to average in the $60 range.

Matera Energy Guide

Home Specs
Energy Usage
Plan 303
1,776 sq ft living
3 Bed
2 Bath

HERS Index: 0
Average Monthly Energy Cost: $0
Avg. monthly cost is approx.

NOTE: Results may vary based upon many factors such as; the builder’s attention to detail, fidelity to proper execution - determining the air tightness of the thermal envelope, the appropriate sized and engineered mechanical system all within conditioned space, etc.