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(ESHP) the first home design firm to incorporate significant and measureable energy-saving technology into everyone of our remarkable Hi-Performance home plans. Amenity rich and right-sized luxury ESHP homes are designed to look great in any neighborhood.
ESHP super-efficient plans built to our specifications consume 50% less energy than a typical new home, which can reduce the monthly cost of home ownership by up to hundreds of dollars. See why Energy Smart Home Plans are built with materials readily available at most builder supply stores, with skills sub contractors already possess. Read More



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ESHP specifies Andersen’s new high-performance 100 Series Windows and Patio Doors in all of our plans.

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R&R Planning and Design, LLC

Summerville Plan #109 — Sep, 2014

Congratulations to Southport, NC, hi-performance builder Bryan McGowin of Hall & Wright Builders. Bryan’s first Energy Smart Home boasts a first month electric bill of $51, subtract the power company’s connection charge of $28, and the actual energy usage was a mere $23!

Bellaire Plan #234 — Aug, 2014

"We want to thank both of you for your great insight on the conservation and design of these energy efficient homes."
— Frank Young, of Synergy Homes - Stuart, Florida

Sebastian Plan #217 — Oct, 2013

Another happy customer!

"Thank you so much for all your help in this process.

You've made a dream come true for me!" — Bobbie G. - Ocala, FL

Newberry Plan #105 — Oct, 2013

Plan #105 (modified) - As built by W.H. Gross

A big thanks to W.H. Gross on building their first Energy Smart Home Plan in Kingsland, GA.

ESHP #105 - 1,660 sq ft

More photos and info to come.

Matera Plan #303 — Mar, 2013

Matera Plan #303 (modified)

A happy homeowner recently wrote ESHP owner Dave Jenkins, to let him know the good news about his brand new Energy Smart Home. (modified Matera model Plan #303). First, he said that everyone believes his home is much larger than it’s 1,778 square feet, due to it’s open floor plan and efficient use of space.

"We've been keeping the thermostat at 75 (which is actually a bit lower than I would prefer, but at least it gives us a scientifically conservative estimate of the awesomeness of this place), and we haven't even broken the $60/month mark for electricity bills. I'm thinking our annual total will be right around the $600 range."

“My wife and I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU for helping us take our next step toward sustainability without sacrificing luxury.”

Oct. 15, 2013 Update

"I'm writing to let you know that, with the help of our utility provider's rebate program, my wife and I are putting some photovoltaics on our house. We should be at or beyond energy neutral by mid January. Smile, man -- you're making a living and a difference. Thanks a bunch."
-- Steve P.
Melbourne Beach, FL

March 28, 2014 Update

"... installed a 3.8kW photovoltaic system this past November, we have so far accumulated about 500kWh in our "reserve" meaning if we hit a point in the summer where we're using more energy than we produce, we dip into that reserve. We got huge rebates on the PV so it should pay for itself in 5-7 years and then we'll have about 20 years of return on investment in the form of free energy. Building an Energy Smart Home reduced the required amount of photovoltaics by about 50% (relative to a standard home). That translates to about $15,000 saved." -- Steve P.

Summerville Plan #109 — Dec, 2012

The Summerville, Plan# 109, is one of ESHP’s best selling designs. It has been constructed and sold numerous times by several builders, but the cutting-edge Gainesville builder Tommy Williams Homes has done so with outstanding results in regarding both sales and energy-efficiency. We believe the two are connected.

Alameda Plan #104 — Sep, 2012

Alameda Plan #104 (modified)

Wilmington, NC builder Heritage Buildings, Inc., became an ESHP customer in 2011. Originally the owner Vic Sikka, was attracted to the ESHP designs, but he was not sure the market would sustain what he thought may mean an increased cost to build a Hi-Performance home.

Sebastian Plan #217 — Jul, 2012

This Trinidad, Colorado home was modified from the Sebastion plan with a walkout basement to take in the magnificent view. For more pictures of this home, please see ESHP Facebook.

Ravenwood Homes - Solara Model — Feb, 2012


The award-winning Solara model was designed exclusively for Dave Wishtischin, owner of Ravenwood Homes in Cape Coral, Florida.*

Cape Coral Construction Industry Awards: Best Overall, Best Floor Plan, Best Interior, Best Exterior and Best Bathroom. See more images on ESHP Facebook.

Record Breaking, Net-Zero Home — Jun, 2010


Plan #109 (modified)
As built by Tommy Williams Homes

Tommy Williams Homes in Gainesville, FL has built a modified ESHP Summerville model #109, as a true Net-Zero Energy Home. But it’s much more than that.

Clearwater Plan #101 — Feb, 2010

The Clearwater Model, Plan #101, was the first right-sized luxury, Hi-Performance home designed by ESHP visionary, Dave Jenkins.
The home that inspired the company Energy Smart Home Plans, is also an award winning best seller!

In early 2010, Gainesville, Florida builder, Tommy Williams Homes constructed this open floor plan design as the Southeast’s first production-built, Net-Zero Energy Home. The great looking home sold in just sixteen days for full price, solidifying the contractor’s commitment to building only Hi-Performance and Net-Zero Energy Homes.