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(ESHP) the first home design firm to incorporate significant and measureable energy-saving technology into everyone of our remarkable Hi-Performance home plans. Amenity rich and right-sized luxury ESHP homes are designed to look great in any neighborhood.
ESHP super-efficient plans built to our specifications consume 50% less energy than a typical new home, which can reduce the monthly cost of home ownership by up to hundreds of dollars. See why Energy Smart Home Plans are built with materials readily available at most builder supply stores, with skills sub contractors already possess. Read More



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ESHP specifies Andersen’s new high-performance 100 Series Windows and Patio Doors in all of our plans.

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Bahamas Power Costs 383% more than Florida’s

Tribune 242
By Neil Hartnell
(See link to article below)

All the more reason to market and build ESHP Hi-Performance homes in the Bahamas, stressing the low monthly cost of ownership. Even without the benefit of a net-metered solar PV system, the savings are tremendous!

Consider that we currently have several U.S. ESHP homeowners reporting power bills averaging $0.40 a square foot (conditioned space) per year. That’s an $800 annual power bill for a 2000 square foot home. Without solar power.

So, electrical costs for that same 2000 sq. ft. home in Nassau should be between $2900 & $3000 annually, or $240 - $250 per month, avg. (Florida KwH avg. $0.10 - $0.12 avg., Grand Bahamas $0.34- $0.40 avg.) This is a savings that far exceeds 50% of monthly energy costs, assuming the homes are built to ESHP spec.

Regarding the costs of Hi-Performance measures, we have builders reporting a negligible impact on their building costs, due mainly to our significantly smaller AC systems. But most builders report a 1% to 3% increase in costs, at least at first and then the margin slims on home #2. This is profitable even at just $0.13 per KwH cost of electricity. There’s a case to be made that there’s no reason not to build a Hi-Performance home. But it better look and feel great too!

Energy Smart Home Plans is currently working with Andrew Stirling of Plan It Bahamas on several Hi-Performance projects in Nassau, Bahamas.


MiaGreen Expo & Conference - BEST Homes Debut

MiaGreen Expo & Conference

February 27-29, 2014

Showcasing Renewable and Sustainable products to North, Central & South America, and the Caribbean.

The MiaGreen Expo was a great venue to introduce the exciting new joint effort [ BEST Homes ] bringing Hi-Performance Design to the Bahamas, known for very its high energy costs.

Energy Smart Home Design owner Dave Jenkins and long-time colleague, Andrew Stirling, architect and owner of Plan It Bahamas, have launched the all new BEST Homes (Bahamas Energy Smart Technologies) in response to a rapidly growing demand for super energy-efficient home design in the Caribbean.

Incorporating proven building science and cutting-edge mechanical engineering into every one of their gorgeous luxury homes. Saving thousands of dollars every year for the happy homeowners.


Out and About Southwest Florida

Sunday - April 13 - 11:30 am

Our new video aired on Out and About Southwest Florida - online and on TV - on the ABC affiliate - Go Green Earth Day Show at 11:30 am - Sunday, April 13th. This is a local TV Show that highlights business and entertainment in the Southwest Florida area. Special thanks to both Jorge Cortes and Jessica Tyus, they made the whole process simple and fun!

See video link below


Builder Magazine - Top Satisfaction Gap

December 14, 2014

The top satisfaction gap regards energy efficiency, with 71 percent of respondents ranking it as important and only 35 percent satisfied with their current home. Americans’ home electricity spending has increased 56 percent since 2000, so it’s no wonder that many people are looking for ways to lower their utility costs.


Florida’s Largest Home Show

Dave Jenkins joins ESHP Builder Dan Wigh at the recent Florida's Largest Home Show in Tampa. Along with Marlin James, a Daikin AC distributor, they demonstrated the latest in Hi-Performance Design, Building and AC Systems.


90 Design Ideas in 90 Minutes - SEBC 2012

This program, featured industry-leading architects, designers and planners. They used a wide array of drawings and photos to showcase the latest design trends, products and strategies to capture the home buyers' attention and make the sale.


Green Homes That Give Back to the Grid

Net-zero-energy real estate on the rise.

By Paul Hagey

A rising trend of super-efficient, solar-powered new homes allows homeowners to combat rising energy costs by giving back to the power grid. Some owners are even realizing a small profit from their home's power-generating capacity.


More Homebuyers Willing to Pay for ‘Green’ Features

Tommy Williams Homes, featured in this article has built and sold many homes using Energy Smart Home Plans. The big news is that the Appraisal Institute issued an addendum to add green features to the forms used by appraisers. This will help Realtors more easily find homes with the green features that buyers are interested in and help appraisers compare sales data.


Low Cost Interior Duct Systems

From Florida Solar Energy Center - Low Cost Interior Duct Systems for High-Performane Homes in Hot Climates

This white paper addresses the technical and practical aspects of implementing ducts in conditioned space.

The advantages of well designed and constructed interior duct systems are numerous. Among these advantages is improved energy efficiency through the elimination of duct leakage to outside and the elimination of conductive heat gains/losses.

Please click link to see the entire white paper.


EEM’s Energy Efficient Mortgages

WASHINGTON – Jan. 31, 2012 – If a home is energy efficient and conserves energy, the monthly utility bills won’t be as high. And if the bills aren’t as high, a buyer can afford to pay more each month on the mortgage.

That’s the theory behind Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs). EEMs allow borrowers to qualify for a larger loan and a better, more energy-efficient home.

EEMs are typically used to purchase a new home that is already energy efficient, such as an ENERGY STAR qualified home. However, the term EEM refers to all types of energy mortgages, including Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIMs), which can be used to purchase an existing home that the buyer plans to improve with energy efficient upgrades. EIMs allow borrowers to roll the cost of the upgrades into the mortgage without increasing the downpayment.


Electric Bills Jump!

December 20, 2011

Electric bills nationally have skyrocketed in the past five years, a sharp reversal from a quarter-century ago when Americans enjoyed stable power bills even as they used more electricity.

Households paid a record $1,419 on average for electricity in 2010, the fifth consecutive yearly increase above the inflation rate, a USA TODAY analysis of government data found.

The jump has added about $300 a year to what households pay for electricity. That's the largest sustained increase since a run-up in electricity prices during the 1970s.


Time To Start Building New ESHP Homes

October 17, 2011 - by Nick Timiraos of WSJ

Slim Pickings Are Latest Headache for Home Sales.

The housing market, which has struggled with an oversupply of homes for years, is facing a new problem: a lack of attractive inventory.

There were more than 2.19 million homes listed for sale at the end of September, down 20% from a year earlier, according to a new report from the real-estate website That is the lowest level since the company began its count in 2007.

The report is the latest sign of how the U.S. housing market can't seem to catch a break. While falling inventories are typically a sign of health, because reduced competition can boost prices, that isn't the case right now.


Homes Slash Power Cost - The Cape

A model home taking shape in Cape Coral will produce more energy than it consumes and make less efficient home plans obsolete, according to Ravenwood Homes partners Reed Schweizer and David Wishtischin.

People who want to build the so-called “net zero” energy homes also will be better risks for banks when they apply for a mortgage, said Steve Stewart, manager of Florida Gulf Bank’s Cape Coral office.

The 2,200-square-foot home in Cape Coral is the first of its kind in Southwest Florida for under $200,000, Wishtischin said.

“We’ve come up with a way to do it for the average homebuyer,” Wishtischin said.

“We worked very closely with architects and engineers to build this product,” Wishtischin said during a groundbreaking Thursday at 2732 Gleason Parkway. “In five years this will be the standard of construction.”

The house is planned around the energy-saving aspects and features, including how the house sits on the lot, insulation, solar features, use of overhanging eaves, ductwork, air conditioning and appliances.

Construction is expected to finish in early December. Ravenwood will use the house as a model for two years under an agreement worked out with the lot owner, Jim Fortini.

Fortini plans to sell the home after its modeling days are over, said Brooke Fortini, the owner’s sister-in-law. Jim Fortini was out of town and did not attend the groundbreaking.

Tom Riti, who recently retired from New Jersey, is planning a home by Ravenwood in NW Cape Coral.

Riti’s home will be about 1,800 square feet.

Without solar, Riti’s home will save about $150 a month, said Dave Jenkins, of Energy Smart Home Plans. With solar the target is $200, Jenkins said.

Tom Riti, center, reviews plans for his own energy-efficient home in hopes of saving up to $200 a month on electricity. He discussed the plans with Coldwell Banker real estate agent Susan Ball and Dave Jenkins of Energy Smart Home Plans during a groundbreaking for a similar home at 2732 Gleason Parkway on Thursday.

Cape Coral, Florida’s 1st Net-Zero Energy Home

July 28th 2011, Ravenwood Homes broke ground on their first Net-Zero Energy Home. Designer Dave Jenkins, was on hand with Ravenwood owners Reed Schweizer and David Wishtischin for the ceremony. The Ravenwood Solara model is a modified version of ESHP's NZR 330 San Vincenzo. For a quick performance comparison between the Net-Zero home and other homes on the market see

For more information about Ravenwood Homes visit their website at

New Home Construction Shortage in Southwest Florida

FORT MYERS, Fla- There is a shortage of new home construction in Southwest Florida and WINK News Real Estate contributor Denny Grimes says it's a necessary sign of recovery. 98 percent of the homes for sale right now are used, and on average 15 years old. That means only 2 percent are new. Builders sold off their inventory when the market crashed and then sat on the sidelines as it bottomed out. Now Grimes says, they are slowly coming back in established neighborhoods and building new homes, which buyers are starting to look for.



FPL will offer the following rebates: $1,000 for residential customers who install solar water heaters, $2 per watt and up to $20,000 for residential customers who install solar panels, $50,000 per property, and up to $150,000 for all properties, for businesses that install solar water heaters or solar panels.


2011 IBS Show

The International Builder Show started opening day with Ken Fonorow speaking to over 195 builders, developers and designers, at the Builder’s Guide to Constructing a Net Zero Energy Home. This inspired many to find their way to our booth to get books and more information from both Ken and Dave Jenkins. Over 350 Energy Smart Home Plans books were handed out over the course of 4 days. The show continues to be a big success for us.

2010 Aurora Awards

Tommy Williams Homes, Energy Smart Home Plans and the Home Energy Doctor were proud to receive so much recognition for the ground-breaking Clearwater model with its -2 HERS Rating.

2010 SEBC Show

Dave Jenkins of Energy Smart Home Plans and Ken Fonorow of the Home Energy Doctor were kept very busy reviewing with builders the great features the ESHP plans offer.

Florida Home Builder Magazine

The Award-winning ESHP home made the cover of Florida Home Builder Magazine May/June 2010 Issue - see the Energy Efficiency article.


Florida Green Building Magazine

Florida Green Building Magazine - Spring 2010 Issue - Check out the "Project Spotlight - Staying Ahead of the Curve with Zero Energy" - by Stephanie Reese


US Department of Energy

Official Test Results of the NZR-101 Clearwater plan - Building Technologies Program


US Department of Energy

Building America - Research Toward Building Zero Energy Homes


The Energy Chronicle

New Home Sales Robust for Some Energy Efficient Florida Builders. It’s no surprise that in today’s ailing market, new home sales are down. What is surprising is that construction is on the rise for six Florida homebuilders.


Tommy Williams Homes Builder

Announces their second Net-Zero Home built in Gainesville, Florida.


Wall Street Journal

Builders Downsize the Dream Home - by Michael M. Phillips