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(ESHP) the first home design firm to incorporate significant and measureable energy-saving technology into everyone of our remarkable Hi-Performance home plans. Amenity rich and right-sized luxury ESHP homes are designed to look great in any neighborhood.
ESHP super-efficient plans built to our specifications consume 50% less energy than a typical new home, which can reduce the monthly cost of home ownership by up to hundreds of dollars. See why Energy Smart Home Plans are built with materials readily available at most builder supply stores, with skills sub contractors already possess. Read More



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ESHP specifies Andersen’s new high-performance 100 Series Windows and Patio Doors in all of our plans.

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Bahamas Power Costs 383% more than Florida’s

Tribune 242
By Neil Hartnell
(See link to article below)

All the more reason to market and build ESHP Hi-Performance homes in the Bahamas, stressing the low monthly cost of ownership. Even without the benefit of a net-metered solar PV system, the savings are tremendous!

Consider that we currently have several U.S. ESHP homeowners reporting power bills averaging $0.40 a square foot (conditioned space) per year. That’s an $800 annual power bill for a 2000 square foot home. Without solar power.

So, electrical costs for that same 2000 sq. ft. home in Nassau should be between $2900 & $3000 annually, or $240 - $250 per month, avg. (Florida KwH avg. $0.10 - $0.12 avg., Grand Bahamas $0.34- $0.40 avg.) This is a savings that far exceeds 50% of monthly energy costs, assuming the homes are built to ESHP spec.

Regarding the costs of Hi-Performance measures, we have builders reporting a negligible impact on their building costs, due mainly to our significantly smaller AC systems. But most builders report a 1% to 3% increase in costs, at least at first and then the margin slims on home #2. This is profitable even at just $0.13 per KwH cost of electricity. There’s a case to be made that there’s no reason not to build a Hi-Performance home. But it better look and feel great too!

Energy Smart Home Plans is currently working with Andrew Stirling of Plan It Bahamas on several Hi-Performance projects in Nassau, Bahamas.



Out and About Southwest Florida

Sunday - April 13 - 11:30 am

Our new video aired on Out and About Southwest Florida - online and on TV - on the ABC affiliate - Go Green Earth Day Show at 11:30 am - Sunday, April 13th. This is a local TV Show that highlights business and entertainment in the Southwest Florida area. Special thanks to both Jorge Cortes and Jessica Tyus, they made the whole process simple and fun!

See video link below


Electricity Price Index Hit Record — Again in January

by Terence P. Jeffrey - March 2, 2015

In contrast to the steep decline in the gasoline price index over the past year (which led to a decline in the overall Consumer Price Index), the seasonally adjusted electricity price index hit an all-time high in January, according to data released last week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Builder Magazine - Top Satisfaction Gap

December 14, 2014

The top satisfaction gap regards energy efficiency, with 71 percent of respondents ranking it as important and only 35 percent satisfied with their current home. Americans’ home electricity spending has increased 56 percent since 2000, so it’s no wonder that many people are looking for ways to lower their utility costs.


Green Homes That Give Back to the Grid

Net-zero-energy real estate on the rise.

By Paul Hagey

A rising trend of super-efficient, solar-powered new homes allows homeowners to combat rising energy costs by giving back to the power grid. Some owners are even realizing a small profit from their home's power-generating capacity.


More Homebuyers Willing to Pay for ‘Green’ Features

Tommy Williams Homes, featured in this article has built and sold many homes using Energy Smart Home Plans. The big news is that the Appraisal Institute issued an addendum to add green features to the forms used by appraisers. This will help Realtors more easily find homes with the green features that buyers are interested in and help appraisers compare sales data.


Low Cost Interior Duct Systems

From Florida Solar Energy Center - Low Cost Interior Duct Systems for High-Performane Homes in Hot Climates

This white paper addresses the technical and practical aspects of implementing ducts in conditioned space.

The advantages of well designed and constructed interior duct systems are numerous. Among these advantages is improved energy efficiency through the elimination of duct leakage to outside and the elimination of conductive heat gains/losses.

Please click link to see the entire white paper.